Does online-dating work in Canada?

Online dating has been around since close to the dawn of the internet! While it does come with its own set of risks and rules apart for finding dates in the real world, it opens you up to a plethora of new possibilities.

Online dating is used by everyone! Introverts, extroverts, people who are really busy, people with nothing better to do, super shy people, really outgoing people. You name it and I bet I can find that personality type on a dating website.

But does it actually work with sex in Toronto for example? Do people really meet other people on the internet and find what they are looking for? That depends on what you are looking for and where you are trying to find it at! If you’re looking for a significant other (SO) on a hookup site, you aren’t going to have any luck looking for a ONS! But if you are looking for an SO on a dating site, you’ll have better luck.

Think about what you’re looking for, says Dating Advisor Canada, and find a website that fits your needs. Then just be you! People can see through a fake persona and it often gets boring for the people you are interacting with, so be sincere.

Personally, I have met various people and even had meaningful relationships with a handful of people I have met online or via apps. Again, this depends on what you are looking for and where you are trying to find it, and your ability to communicate online!

Communicating online seems to be the biggest problem people come across when dating online. In real life you have natural pauses in conversation and are not constantly connected. When you are dating online you have the issue of needing to constantly keep up the conversation and you are always “on.”

Being always “on” means that you can always reach the person you are interested in talking to and conversations sometimes run dry. If you aren’t able to keep a conversation going or keep the person interested for a couple of days, then they will lose interest and move on to talking to the next person.

The next issue comes with knowing when it’s appropriate to ask for certain information. You don’t want to ask for a number or to hang out too soon and scare the person off. But you don’t have natural cues on their comfort levels with you to go on!

If you can navigate these issues and be sincere, you’ll have no problem with online dating! It’s possible, I’ve done it. The simple answer to “does online dating work?” is yes!