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The following articles provide insight on the role and value of a paralegal manager or practice support manager to a law firm or corporate law department.

Investing in a Paralegal Manager: Improving Productivity and Saving Money
Investir dans un gestionnaire parajuridique
Managing in the Middle: Improving the Bottom Line and Retaining Talent
The Value of a Legal Assistant Manager

The following articles are from Paralegal Management, the official maagzine of the IPMA.  These are copyrighted works and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the permission of the IPMA.  Some works are reprinted with permission and will require the permission of the author for reproduction.

Demystifying Project Management

Seven Tips for Interviewing Culturally Diverse Candidates

Cognitive Dissonance – A Recruiting Theory in Practice?

Understanding & Avoiding Burnout as a Manager

Professional Development for Paralegals

eLearn, iLearn, uLearn

Top Ten Leadership Skills Necessary for Effective Paralegal Management

15 Ways to Build Trust Fast

Is Paralegal Education Keeping Pace with the “New Normal”?

What to Expect When Employee's Expecting

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